Basketball For Advance

Why Play Basketball

Basketball is probably the most popular sport in the whole world. Thanks to NBA and the likes

Top Professional Basketball Leagues Around The World

There are many basketball professional leagues around the world. This is such a feat for the game’s

The March Madness Processes Of Basketball

When first week of March comes, college students go gaga over basketball. This is called the March

The Free Throw – More Than Just A Penalty Shot

One of the most frequent set pieces of a basketball game is the free throw. Awarded for

The Draft System – Stars Of Tomorrow Or Expensive Gambles

Although absolutely central to the way that professional sports are played in the USA, the draft system

The Core Of The Basketball Used In Various Leagues

A basketball may refer to the game or the ball that is used in it. If you

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NBA Alumni Basketball League Launched By Ice Cube

Ice Cube has changed the sound of Hip-Hop, the face of Hollywood, and now he aims to rearrange the retirement age in professional basketball. Cube, a former high school athlete who has been a devoted sports fan to the Oakland Raiders,

The Shot Clock – And Why It Is Important

Basketball is considered to be one of the fastest ball sports there is, and there are a number of rules in place to ensure that this remains the case. One such rule is the shot clock, which is used in the

The Double Dribble Rule And What It Means

As a child, your first game of basketball is a world of discovery. As you are not allowed to run with the ball it is important to learn to dribble it, and this is something that plays a very important part

Showing Your True Colors

The importance of merchandising to professional basketball teams has always been high, but the recent past has seen the saturation of an industry, with merchandise becoming so prominent that some sports have even gone so far as to provide branded coffins

Knowing Deeper the Five 2009 Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame

There are 293 coaches, players, referees, contributors, and teams who are enshrined Hall of Famer by Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame since 1959. The Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame is the highest honor one can get in basketball. Entering

Common Basketball Injuries And Treatment

Basketball is one of the most popular sports around the world. Different races, age groups and gender have played basketball. Even though it is a non-contact sport, injuries incurred while playing basketball is common. Jumping, proper landing, players colliding, fouls and

Basketball Legends Larry Bird And Magic Johnson

Although each player achieved enough during their career to legitimately have earned the title of legend by themselves, the story of Larry Bird and Magic Johnson is one that is more properly told as a two-hander. The players were rivals in

Basketball Legends Kobe Bryant

Although Michael Jordan is most people’s choice for the title of Greatest NBA Player, he may not be the most talked-about player of all time. For reasons which have occasionally drawn him into off-court controversy and for his startling achievements on

America’s Most Celebrated Basketball Players

Basketball has only been popular during the time of Magic Johnson and Larry Bird. Any basketball history before that is unclear. However, it is injustice not to mention great basketball players in the 1940s, 50s, 60s, and 70s. Take for example

Winning A Game In Overtime – Victory At Its Sweetest

In soccer, drawn games are fairly common given the fact that it is entirely possible to go all the way through a game without a goal being scored, and the overall number of goals scored in a game is usually between